11 Weeks Pregnant | BABY #2 (EP 51)


Hey guys,

So this week I talk about heartburn, more strange dreams and how I prevented stretch marks from my previous pregnancy.

Honestly, there is no secret to preventing stretch marks. There is the basic daily moisturising and keeping fit throughout the entire pregnancy to reduce rapid stretching of the skin but even then, these are only things that may or may not help! It is important to realise that all women have totally different skin types, just like the way some are more prone to acne or to scarring (like myself), and so it is natural for all women to experience different changes during pregnancy.

I may have skipped the stretch marks but my skin doesn’t scar very gracefully! I have a dark, raised scar from my c-section incision and I will always have it as a reminder that I am a mother! Not to mention that I also get the worst of heartburn and postpartum hair-loss. Life is fair. ;P

Anyway, hope you enjoy the update and I can’t wait to share my 12 week pregnancy vlog! Wow, I can’t believe first trimester is almost over!

Much love,
Sonia x

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