First Month of Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms — Early Signs of Pregnancy


First Month of Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

First Month Of Pregnancy – Learn To Identify Various Signs

Congrats! So, your partner is pregnant. Is this the first time your partner or you are getting pregnant? You might have heard about pregnancy but this is the first time you or your partner are experiencing it. So, are you confused on what would be happening in the first month of pregnancy? How would pregnancy affect life of both of you? How would she react to the pregnancy?

However, the first month of pregnancy may be uneventful as what happens during this phase is to tell you or your partner about pregnancy and if you know that you are pregnant then you have already experienced those events. Some people have a myth that woman would not have menstrual period if she is pregnant which is not the case always. In some cases, the time by which the pregnancy is ascertained by the woman she already is in the stage of first month or after that. This is due to the fact that it is not easy to ascertain the pregnancy in the first month without any test.

Changes in pregnant woman such as noticeable weight gain is generally the result of large fetus. In the stages of first month the embryo is not developed into a large fetus and hence it is difficult to see any changes in the way woman feels. Even if women feels something, she might relate it to daily routine or common problems.

Repetitive nausea is known to be the sign of pregnancy is some cases. It is sometimes the first clue which may be recognized by a woman. But in most of the cases, woman keep on trying various methods thinking it to be a normal cold or indigestion case. It is advised that you take your partner to the hospital is your partner is suffering from nausea or vomiting since several days. Your partner may be sick or pregnant.

To avoid situations of "Morning sickness" you must ensure that she eats balanced diet and drink appropriate amount of water during her pregnancy. Your pregnant partner needs to consume good quantity of nutritious food and more water than usual to avoid dehydration.

Mood fluctuations is an another noticeable signs of pregnancy in stages of first month. Although mood fluctuations can be easily seen during end of first month but these are more clearly visible during the second month. Hormonal changes in the body of woman are responsible for this mood change. Actually, an embryo produces hormones. The consequences of mixture of hormones is mood fluctuation and strange food cravings that would surprise you. Usually such food cravings and mood swings are unnoticeable during the end of stages first month. Such changes signifies the beginning of pregnancy. If you are feeling all these pregnancy stages first month then be prepared for the coming baby.

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