2 Months Pregnant: causes of absent heart beat in fetus


Regularly if a scan is done at around 7 weeks of pregnancy, the cardiac activity should appear. As early as 5 weeks also it can be picked up on a transvaginal scan. So when 2 months are complete, that is at 8 weeks of gestation. Cardiac activity should appear in a healthy pregnancy. If it is missed, then we call it as missed abortion, absent cardiac activity. The causes for it could be several. The commonest cause it could be a genetic disorder or as we understand the sperm and the embryos do not form properly and it will lead to an abnormal embryo development. There are a lot of hormonal causes also which can lead to miscarriages in the first trimester, commenest being a thyroid disorder, there could be certain blood discrepancies also which have to be looked for it should be discussed with your doctor if you need to avoid this in your future pregnancies, adequate folic acid supplementation is a must proper to planning the next conception and also certain blood investigation need to be checked out before planning your next pregnancy so this can be avoided in future.

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