2 Months Pregnant, pregnancy
2 Months Pregnant — The second month (5-8 weeks) of pregnancy is the most important phase in your baby’s development. The embryo undergoes a lot of changes this month. The looks of the baby is that of a wrapped snail, which will gradually develop and straighten up. Most of the organs start to form in this month.

The heart starts to beat which can be seen on an ultrasound. The development of the placenta is essential for the transfer of essential elements needed for the growth of the baby. Blood circulations begins and the brain starts to develop along with the nervous system, and the spinal cord is in place. The lungs, stomach and liver also starts to develop this month.

As a couple of weeks passes, the outline of human preliminary facial develops, the embryo gets to look like a real baby. Facial features begin to develop on the head. Eyes start to form, eyelids begin to appear, but are shut tight. The folds of the ear are slowly forming and the so does outline of the nose. By the end of the second month, the fetus starts to grow, and the mouth, hands and feet can also be seen. By this time the length starts increasing to about 2-3 centimeters, and the approximate weight will be about four grams. The skin of the baby is very thin at this time. But even now the baby’s head is leaning forward, towards the chest.

Women experience variety of symptoms during this month. Some pregnant women will be plagued with vomiting sensations, morning sickness, mood changes and aversions to a wide variety of foods. At the same time some percentages of women lead a normal life, and have no problems at all.

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